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  • A unique role for DNA (hydroxy)methylation in epigenetic regulation of human inhibitory neurons.

    Alexey Kozlenkov†, Junhao Li†, Pasha Apontes, Yasmin L. Hurd, William M. Byne, Eugene V. Koonin, Michael Wegner, Eran A. Mukamel*, Stella Dracheva* (2018)

    Science Advances 4:eaau6190 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aau6190, PMC6157969
    †Equal contributions
    *Corresponding authors
    [Pubmed] [Article]

  • A transient cortical state with sleep-like sensory responses precedes emergence from general anesthesia in humans.

    Laura D Lewis*, Giovanni Piantoni, Robert A Peterfreund, Emad N Eskandar, Priscilla Grace Harrell, Oluwaseun Akeju, Linda S Aglio, Sydney S Cash, Emery N Brown, Eran A Mukamel*, Patrick L Purdon* (2018)

    eLife 7:e33250 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.33250
    *Corresponding authors
    [Pubmed] [Article]

  • Environmental enrichment increases transcriptional and epigenetic differentiation between mouse dorsal and ventral dentate gyrus.

    Tie-Yuan Zhang†*, Christopher L. Keown†, Xianglan Wen, Junhao Li, Dulcie A. Vousden, Christoph Anacker, Urvashi Bhattacharyya, Richard Ryan, Josie Diorio, Nicholas O'Toole, Jason P. Lerch, Eran A. Mukamel*, Michael J. Meaney. (2018)

    Nature Communications 9:298, doi:10.1038/s41467-017-02748-x
    †Equal contributions
    *Corresponding authors
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      [Pubmed] [PDF]

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      [Pubmed] [PDF]

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    • Mukamel, E.A., Nimmerjahn, A., and Schnitzer, M.J. (2009). Automated analysis of cellular signals from large-scale calcium-imaging data. Neuron. 63(6):747-760.
      [Pubmed] [Free PMC article] [PDF]

    • Nimmerjahn, A., Mukamel, E.A., and Schnitzer, M.J. (2009). Motor behavior activates Bergmann glial networks. Neuron. 62(3):400-412.
      [Pubmed] [Free PMC article] [PDF]


    • Wetmore*, D.Z., Mukamel*, E.A., and Schnitzer, M.J. (2008). Lock-and-key mechanisms of cerebellar memory recall based on rebound currents. J. Neurophysiology. 100:2328-2347.
      (*These authors contributed equally to this work.)
      [Pubmed] [Free PMC article] [PDF]

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    2004 and earlier

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    Opinion and review articles

    • Lister, R. and Mukamel, E.A. (2017) Beyond mCG: DNA Methylation in Non-Canonical Sequence Context. DNA Modifications in the Brain: Neuroepigenetic regulation of gene expression, Ed. T.W. Bredy. Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-12-801596-4. [DOI].

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